Stepping Stones itself has a unique and charming history.

Stepping Stones is one of four apartments that were purpose built as holiday homes at the beginning of the last century.

Typically, these homes would only be afforded by the super rich who could afford the luxury of a holiday home.

In Edwardian times, holiday makers whose main residence in London would make the trip to North Berwick by travelling first from London to Edinburgh, by train. The trains were big enough to accommodate the first cars of the period so the cars would also be transported by train along with the owners. Throughout the Edwardian era motoring remained the province of the rich in Britain.

Holiday makers would then make the final leg of the journey, in their own car, from Edinburgh to North Berwick. Cars of the period were often at least partly open topped so on a windy day, an Edwardian lady would no doubt need her hat to be securely in place in order to ensure she arrived poised, unruffled and in style!

 For those of you interested in golfing history, Stepping Stones is also the birth place of golfing legend Jimmy Thomson (born 1908.) Jimmy, who was a golfing champion in his own right was born into a golfing dynasty, his uncles were Ben Sayers, and Davie Grant and his cousin Jack White won the 1904 Open Championship. North Berwick may be a long way from Hollywood but Jimmy’s talents extended far wider than golf it seemed. In 1953, Jimmy Thomson appeared in the movie ‘The Caddy’ with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Jimmy also featured in the movie ‘Shoot Yourself Some Golf’ with actor Ronald Reagan (1942) and with a number of pro’s in ‘Swing With Bing’, featuring Bing Crosby (1940).

Jimmy died in June 1985, Miami, Florida